You will find our crew tailgating on The GRID in space #5 of the Alley at least three hours before every home game and we do our best to travel with the team as well. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and support our cause by dropping a few bucks in the donation box to help cover our expenses. All are welcome, drinking reserved for individuals over 21 years of age.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bearcats Touch Down in Miami

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FOX Broadcasting Live from the Holy Grail in Clifton

If you aren't heading to Miami for the Orange Bowl you should check out the Holy Grail Bar & Grill in Clifton. The Holy Grail is home of the Official Watch Parties for the Bearcat Tailgate Crew. More importantly, FOX will broadcast live shots of the local crowd during the pre-game show and the actual game. This is your chance to show up on National TV!

The Grail is offering $10 buckets of beer (5 Domestics) & $4 Bearcat Bombs (Jager & Red Cream Soda).

The Holy Grail is located at 13 W. Charlton St. in Corryville.

Tell all of your friends and Go Bearcats!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The NeumannKy's 1st Annual "Santa Crawl"!!!

Benefiting the Salvation Army

Join your friends, make new ones and celebrate the Holidays as we make our way around to all of your favorite Oakley Establishments and try to raise a few bucks for a good cause.

When: Friday Dec. 19th @ 7 PM
Where: Crawl Begins at Oak Tavern (3089 Madison Rd. in Downtown Oakley)
Cost: $10 donation to the Salvation Army gets you a wristband; the wristband entitles you to drink specials at each location


Cats Chat with NeumannKy!!!

Orange Bowl Bound Bearcats Finish in Dramatic Fashion in the Night Cap of the 2008 College Football Season!

Question of the week: Were you awake to see the Cats score 19 points in 8 minutes and hold off the Rainbows??? The NeumannKy was and there are a few folks that got some "party" calls of excitement after the game that can confirm this.

Cats Chat is few days late....I know. It's been a busy last few days balancing my current job hunt and coordinating plans for the Bowl trip. I am not going to run down much of the Hawaii game, rather I will just make the following bullet point comments based off of what I saw:
  • Playing in Hawaii is a total trap for ANY east coast team. There's a reason Hawaii has won 22 of their last 27 at home. The CATS were exhausted and demonstrated a lot of heart pulling off the comeback. We should NEVER go back.
  • Jacob Ramsey should never have another carry as long as "The Human Stampede" is on this team. He is WAY too much of a liability given his butter fingers. Look for Ramsey to get moved to defense next season.
  • The whole team does a poor job protecting the football on contact...fumbles have been a problem for the past two seasons
  • Dustin Grutza - man am I glad he's on this team
  • Life without The Wizard is going to be an adjustment...
  • ...Pike, Woods, Bones, Mardy, Pead and Co. will make it an easy adjustment
  • Brandon Underwood changed the game on Saturday...errr Sunday and has done an outstanding job filling in for Mickens
  • Hawaii fans and players are nasty...again, we should NEVER go back.

On to the good stuff. THE ORANGE BOWL BABY!!! It's not the Motor City Bowl; it's not the New Orleans Bowl; it's not the International Bowl; it's not the papajohns.com bowl (all of which The NeumannKy attended)....no, no IT'S THE ORANGE BOWL!! New Year's Day....Where are you going to be??? The NeumannKy will be there and be ready to rock! Comment add your comment and let the Bearcat Tailgaters know what your bowl plans are! The NeumannKy and some of the BTC will be at the Hyatt Regency Miami.

CLICK HERE to order tickets, view travel packages, etc.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BCS Selection Show Event this Sunday at Fifth Third Arena

On Sunday, Dec. 7, Cincinnati Bearcats' fans are invited to Fifth Third Arena for a special Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Selection Show event, the Department of Athletics announced today. The event is open to the public with the doors of Fifth Third opening at 6:30 p.m. The official BSC Selection Show begins at 8 p.m. and will be televised nationally on FOX. (more)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!!!

Bearcats Take Care of Business Against Orange...Trip to Orange May be in Their Future.

It's a great time to be a BEARCATS fan! Even though the Bearcats had already clinched a BCS bowl berth, there sure was something special about Saturday (I think the picture to the left captures the fan atmosphere very well). The team finished decisively what they started by dispensing of an inferior Syracuse team to win, outright, the 2008 Big East Championship. Saturday was a day to celebrate a team comprised of 19 seniors who have endured losing seasons (4-7 in 2005), fleeing coaches (Dantonio), limited media exposure (2007 BE media day), and countless doubters (picked to finish 5th in BE this season). Saturday was a day to celebrate a team of 19 seniors that shocked the nation in a 2006 win over undefeated and then #7 ranked Rutgers (finished 7-5), only to turn around and adapt to a new coach and new system to win a school record 10 games the following season. This is a team that has captivated an entire city by bringing home a Big East Championship and becoming a Cincinnati sports story that ranks right up there with the 1992 UC Men's Basketball Final Four appearance, the 1990 Reds World Series and the '80 and '88 Super Bowls. Saturday was a day for the Bearcat faithful to celebrate a team they can't help but feel a personal connection to. These seniors are the founding fathers of a new era of UC Football excellence and a group that I am sure we will one day tell our children about in the context of how fortunate we all were to be along for the ride.

Now the Cats are headed to their first ever BCS Bowl. Sugar or Orange, it doesn't matter; this is college football's biggest stage and UC is dancing on it. Unfortunately the accomplishment is shrouded in rumors of a possible Brian Kelly departure. The NeumannKy contemplated giving his opinion on the situation, but decided the topic is not for today's discussion. Until anything is official, Bearcats fans should focus on this week's game against Hawaii and how they plan on making it to the Bowl game. UC will have 17,000 tickets to sell and The NeumannKy is calling all Bearcats fans with the ways and means, to do their best to be a part of history!

The folks at BearcatTailgater are saddened that the season has come and gone and that we have closed down the tailgate trailer for the last time of 2008. We'd like to thank everyone that has joined us on game days this season. WE WILL BE BACK NEXT SEASON BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER. We've got a lot of work ahead of us this offseason and some of the stuff we are talking about will literally blow your mind!

Cats Chat will be back next week after the Hawaii game and The NeumannKy is gearing up to get his Chat on as the Cat's season on the hardwood begins to heat up! Look for official away game "watch party" events this winter sponsored by the Crew. Until next week Bearcats Fans...

NeumannKy - OUT

Sunday, November 30, 2008

UC vs. Syracuse...BCS Bound Pics


UC vs. Syracuse Tailgater Awards

Cheerleader of the Week

Dance Teamer of the Week

Band Dude of the Week

Most Valuable Tailgater "MVT" - Big Stogie (Excellent Bloody's)

Best Dance Moves at the Tailgate Post Party - Lookin' good Neil

Friday, November 28, 2008


Pitt win over Mountaineers clinches BEARCATS first Big East Championship!!!

The headline says it all! Today, The NeumannKy was a Pitt fan...but only for a few hours. Pitt's late game rally over the West Virginia Mountaineers clinches the BEARCATS first Big East Championship and GUARANTEES them an appearance in a BCS Bowl game regardless the outcome of the next two games. With the Championship in hand, The NeumannKy predicts the CATS will be playing fast and loose against the Orange of Syracuse who now cannot even look forward to potentially being a season spoiler. CATS win this one big before hula dancing all over Hawaii next weekend. COME SUPPORT THE BEARCATS IN WHAT WILL BE A DAY LONG CHAMPIONSHIP CELEBRATION! Saturday...noon....the Nip...BE THERE.

UC vs. Pitt Highlights

Big East Champs!! BCS Bound!!

KEGS & EGGS @ 8:30AM

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kegs & Eggs this Saturday

IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! The Big East Championship and a BCS berth are all that's at stake. It's the mighty Bearcats of UC vs. the wimpy Orange of Syracuse. It's the last home game of the 2008 season and the last time I checked, the Bearcat Tailgate Crew has rocked them all! For the last time this season, Join the Bearcat Tailgate Crew this Saturday to cheer the Bearcats on to a BCS Bowl and give thanks to our Seniors for the exciting season we've been able to lay witness to! The game kicks-off at noon and the party will begin at the Schiel School Parking lot at 8:30 AM. This week's theme is Kegs & Eggs (round II). We will have plenty to eat and drink so feel free to stop by to grab a bite to eat and party with the Crew. The Ultimate Tailgate Trailer will be set up in the Schiel School Parking Lot (corner of W. Daniels and Vine across the street from Daniels pub). Special thanks goes to all of the tailgate wives / girlfriends for providing all of the side dishes throughout the season! As usual, EVERYONE is welcome. You DO NOT want to miss out on the last tailgate of the season! We hope to see you there!

This Week's Menu:
Kristen's Famous Bacon, Egg , Potato and Cheese Caseroles
Eggs (Scrambled)

The Bar:
Big Stogie's Famous Bloody Mary's


View Larger Map

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!

River City Romp of Pitt Puts the Cats ONE...STEP...CLOSER...

Bearcats 2008 "to do" list:
Go to Morgantown, beat the reigning Big East Champ WVU - check
Go to Louisville, bring back the Keg of Nails - check
Beat Pittsburgh and win the River City Rivlary trophy for the first time - check
Win a Big East Championship - COMING SOON!
Play in BCS Bowl game - COMING SOON!

I've said it before and I will say it again...WHAT A GAME! The NeumannKy declares it a romp because, outside of the score, the CATS spanked around the Panthers for pretty much the entire game. After three very emotional weeks, three monkeys have been successfully lifted off of the back of the Bearcats, who are now one step closer to playing on college footballs biggest stage, a B-C-S bowl game! Without further rambling on my part, lets get to the breakdown of the big day:

The Basketball Game (a foreshadow of what to expect from NeumannKy post football season):
Yes, the mens basketball team (The NeumannKy's first love at UC) moved to 3-0, beating Western Nobody...err I mean Illinois by 28, but it should have been at least 40. For the second straight game the CATS slept through the second half. With a team so young, I'd like to see Mick on their butts making them play hard for 40 mins....

The Tailgate
WOW, the word has really gotten out about the Bearcat Tailgate Crew. I almost had to set up an autograph table as The NeumannKy's thousands of fans lined up to meet the legend (in my own mind). Just kidding, there is a whole team of us that help to host the tailgate and we received many nice compliments on Saturday and we appreciate every one of them and look forward to hosting many future tailgates. The Bearcat Tailgate Crew fried up some Turkeys, brought all the fixin's and gave thanks to good friends and a great season from the BEARCATS. We killed nearly 5 kegs and a number of bottles of the booze in a pre-game party that would impress even the brothers of the Delta House (shameless Animal House reference).

The Game
Has anybody ever had an experience like this one at Nippert Stadium??? The weather was chilly and the 35,098 bundled up Bearcats fans were outstanding. The CATS really dominated this game from their first possession on. I usually watch the game on DVR to do my breakdown but forgot to set it up this week, so it's not as in depth as I would like. The game got interesting in the end so lets break it down NeumannKy style...

What NeumannKy Liked:
1) Tony Pike, Mardy "with the D", Dominic Goodman and Bones - This is the most impressive the Bearcats offense has looked all season long. The first possession, a 7 minute, 99 yard drive including an unbelievable 3rd down catch by Bones.
2) D-FENCE - for three and a half quarters of the game at least. 3 sacks by Connor Barwin and a dynamite performance by Brandon Underwood stepping in for an injured Mike Mickens.
3) The Fans and the Students - The NeumannKy believes it's a little premature to be throwing oranges on the field, but I can't blame them for being enthusiastic. We're sailing in uncharted waters and it's great to see how excited the fans and students are about it.

What NeumannKy Didn't Like:
1) Not kicking the field goal in the fourth quarter and calling a RUN play to try to pick up 1st down. We struggled to run the ball all game long and this may show you BKs real level of confidence in Jake Rogers.
2) The disappearing, reappearing running game - it disappeared this week, will it reappear next week? Maybe the human "stam"Pead needs to get some snaps?
3) Playing not to lose - I almost had flashbacks of WVU

A look ahead
We will know Friday afternoon whether or not the Syracuse game is a "must win" for the CATS following the Pitt vs. WVU game. I actually hope WVU pulls it off, creating some suspense for the game on Saturday but my gut tells me that Pitt may win. Syracuse is a bad football team who got lucky last Saturday by beating a mediocre football team. I think the CATS win this one big 42-10 which leads me to the Question of the Week: What bowl game do you think the CATS will play in? Now, the NeumannKy feels the need to remind his fans that the question of the week is not rhetorical. I say this only because nobody has answered one since week one!!!

Until next time CATS fans, have a happy Thanksgiving and we will see everyone at the Syracuse Game!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

UC vs Pitt Pics

CLICK HERE to view the entire album for this week's tailgate!

UC vs. Pitt Tailgater Awards

Cheerleader of the Week with the NeumannKy!

Tailgater of the Week! J. "Booze Hound" Moine

Chef of the Week! Nate Baughman - Good Work on the Fried Turkeys!

Bearcat Tailgater In the Newspaper

Bearcat fans roar about progress of team
Tailgate lots full despite the cold
By Shannon Russell • srussell@enquirer.com • November 22, 2008
Oyler was impressed by how quickly the lot filled up. His group, the Bearcat Tailgate Crew, hovered around fire pits and served up a Thanksgiving feast (two turkeys and a bevy of side dishes). They also had 100 hot dogs, 50 brats and five kegs.
"We started tailgating in this lot when we first graduated in 2003. Normally there would be just a few of us. Now it's packed with tailgaters," Oyler said. CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Bearcat fans on cloud nine
Tonight's sold-out game vs. Pitt 'huge for us'
By Shannon Russell • srussell@enquirer.com • November 22, 2008
Oakley resident Scott Oyler welcomes fans to celebrate with the Bearcat Tailgate Crew in the Schiel Primary School for Arts Enrichment parking lot. The group has a custom-made, $12,000 tailgate trailer that boasts a beer tap, 37-inch plasma TV, portable satellite dish, refrigerator, microwave, wine fridge and generator.
They also have a Web site (http://www.bearcattailgater.com/) that features fan pictures and game analysis. It garnered 456 hits Nov. 15, the day after UC beat Louisville, up from the 100-hit average it usually attracts near game days.
Oyler, a 2003 UC grad, is thrilled at how contagious Bearcats football enthusiasm has become among his co-workers and friends. Many went to other colleges.
"What I love is that it's Ohio State-Michigan weekend," Oyler said. "In the past, I know of some friends who would go to Columbus to tailgate. This year, they're like, 'Forget about it. We've got a big game here in town.'" CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Week's Tailgate.... Beat Pitt!

UC vs. Pitt this Saturday 11/22 7:15pm Kick-Off
Join the Bearcat Tailgate Crew this Saturday before the BIGGEST UC FOOTBALL GAME EVER! We will kick-off the festivities around 2pm (following the basketball game). The Ultimate Tailgate Trailer will be pumping the finest tunes and the TV will be showing all of the best games of the day. The brisk weather is no match for the Tailgate Crew as we will have a blazin' fire pit to keep everyone warm! In celebration of the upcoming Holiday, this week's theme is THANKSGIVING! The Crew will be fryin' up a couple birds and giving thanks to BK and the Bearcats for another exciting Bearcat Football season! We are expecting a large crowd as we cheer on the CATS to a Big East Championship. COME EARLY, TAILGATE HARD, GIVE THANKS, BE LOUD, AND WEAR RED. We will start to tear down the tailgate around 6:15pm so we can pack Nippert and cheer on our Bearcats as they run out of the tunnel prior to kick-off.

As always, everyone is welcome and tailgate donations are greatly appreciated...

Tailgate Location: Schiel School Parking Lot located on the corner of Short Vine and W. Daniels (across the street from Daniels Pub & Sigma Sigma) Click Here for a map of our tailgate location.

This Week's Tailgate Menu:
-we will also have hot dogs, brats & mets...


Post a comment and let us know if you will be there!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!

Bearcats are Tough as Nails in the 'Ville; Set Up Big East Showdown this Saturday at the Nip!
Bearcats fans, Bearcats fans, Bearcats Fans...ARE YOU READY? The NeumannKy says ARE...YOU...READY??? Before I get ahead of myself thinking about next week, lets recap this weeks game. It wasn't the prettiest win of the season, but the Cards have shown a knack for beating the CATS in recent years and going on the road in conference play is always a challenge. In what can only be described as tropical storm type conditions, the CATS rolled into Louisville and put together a big win...lets walk through day in true Cats Chat style.

The Tailgate
The tailgate crew rolled into the 'Ville around 3 P.M. and there were no Louisville fans to be seen. What does that tell the NeumannKy? It tells me that Cincinnati fans (especially the BTC) know how to freakin' party!! Work??? Not on game days baby! The tailgate was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came and who helped put the word out about our tailgate location. We turned the Boy Scout parking lot into a Cincinnati stronghold. No Cards fans allowed! After 5 hours of tailgating, the crew was good and ready to watch the Bearcats toss around the pigskin.

The Game
After 5 hrs of tailgating, The UC fans didn't even notice the driving rain that was falling for most of the game. The UC crowd was nothing short of amazing. The CATS didn't play their best game of the season, so lets break it down NeumannKy style:

What NeumannKy liked:
1) Dominic Goodman - 9 catches for 134 yds and a huge touchdown catch. He is the best player on the team and the NeumannKy has been saying it all year long.
2) Mardy "With the D" Gilyard - Another very impressive game with an outstanding touchdown catch on the opening drive
3) The UC defense in the second half and especially "Ripe for the Pickin'" Mickens
4) John "White Lightening" Goebel - 10 carries for 77 yards, none bigger than the 37 he picked up in the final scoring drive
5) Dustin Grutza - How about this kid?? He's been out since the Oklahoma game and comes in and runs the offense right down the field (granted he got a couple big plays from his teammates) to score what was the final touchdown putting the CATS up 8.
6) THE FANS - Great turnout and thank you to everyone that came! If you missed the celebration on the way out of the stadium, you missed one of the great moments in UC sports! It sent chills down my spine. To me, it felt like the turning point in UC Football fanhood.

What NeumannKy didn't like:
1) Going for it on 4th and 2 in your own territory in the 1st quarter when you have the lead...Seriously? If they get the first down, it still looks stupid. The only acceptible time to make that call is if you're 13 and playing football on your Xbox.
2) Jake Rogers - WTF? He's had a great season and now missed his last 4 attempts (not even that difficult of attempts). The NeumannKy is inclined to say he's been mind f'd and can't be counted on going forward. I really hope I am proven wrong.
3) 1st half defense - They played soft and gave up a lot of underneath stuff early. They looked much better in the second half and came through when it counted.

All in all, I don't think we've seen the CATS put it all together for an entire game this season and they are 8-2...that's impressive. A win is a win on the road and coming off of such a big win in Morgantown, it was good to see the team was focused.

A Look Ahead
UC vs. Pitt in what is being called THE BIGGEST GAME IN UC FOOTBALL HISTORY. The "River City Rivalry" has been one sided thus far and never has so much been on the line. The NeumannKy doesn't need to tell you guys that the CATS are 2 wins from a BCS berth. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BE THERE!!!! COME EARLY AND TAILGATE HARD WITH THE CREW, WEAR RED, BE EXTREMELY LOUD. The NeumannKy is expecting a VERY rowdy crowd this weekend and hoping for an atmosphere at the Nip like nobody has ever seen before. DO NOT LET THE TEAM DOWN BY STAYING HOME. THE NEUMANNKY WILL SEE YOU ALL THERE ON SATURDAY!

Word to your Mom.

- NeumannKy

UC vs. Louisville Pics

CLICK HERE to view the entire album for this game.

Bearcat Tailgater 2009 Video

Bearcat Tailgater 2008 Video