You will find our crew tailgating on The GRID in space #5 of the Alley at least three hours before every home game and we do our best to travel with the team as well. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and support our cause by dropping a few bucks in the donation box to help cover our expenses. All are welcome, drinking reserved for individuals over 21 years of age.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Video of the Week

Gilyard's Big Hug after Crashing into Kid

Monday, October 27, 2008

UC vs. USF Tailgate Thurs. Oct. 30th

Join the Bearcat Tailgate Crew this Thursday as the Bearcats of Cincinnati take on the Bulls of South Florida under the lights on ESPN! We will be getting the party started, tapping the first keg on the Ultimate Tailgate Trailer around 4:30pm. As always, we tailgate in the Schiel School parking lot on the corner of Short Vine and W. Daniels (across the street from Daniels Pub and the Sigma Sigma House). CLICK HERE to view a map of our tailgate location. We encourage ALL Bearcats fans to stop by for a few beers and bite to eat before heading into the Nip. Everyone is welcome... Donations Appreciated!

Special thanks to the Holy Grail for sponsoring the Bearcattailgater.com souvenier cups for this week's tailgate.

Don't Forget to wear black for the Bearcat "BLACK OUT"!

This Week's Tailgate Menu
-BBQ Pulled Pork
-Pasta Salad
-Bearcat Baked Beans
-Cole Slaw
-Chips, etc.

The Bar
-Ice Cold Beer
-Red Bull & Vodka Bar
-Bearcat Bombs (Jager & Red Cream Soda)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!

Bearcats Get Stomped by Huskies...
It's a rough week to be a Bearcats Fan and The NeumannKy is feeling his hangover from the Bearcats loss in more than one way. Before I get to the game I want to officially declare the Holy Grail watch party as a raving success and I'm pretty sure the Bearcat Bombs were a huge success as well!!! Thank you to those fans who joined us for the game. We look forward to many more and bigger and better turnouts.

The Game
Deplorable! The CATS have been resilient this season given their quarterback woes, but they unraveled on the road this week. What did we find out? Well here goes:

1) Brian Kelly doesn't like to run the ball. The CATS have had mixed success on the ground this season and yesterday it looked like BK wasn't interested in running the ball AT ALL.
2) Tony Pike wasn't ready to come back and Chazz Anderson isn't a guy that can lead this team to a Big East Championship. Who will start on Thursday???
3) Maybe this team isn't as good as we thought??? Only time will tell, but I don't know how you come away from yesterdays game feeling confident about the rest of the schedule (save Syracuse).
4) The road to the Big East still runs through WVU. What a great win they had over Auburn. After this week, they look to be the most well rounded team in the conference.

A look ahead
In the great words of Mark McGuire "I'm not here to talk about the past". ESPN comes to town this Thursday on the eve of Halloween to cover the CATS vs. the Bulls of South Florida. A big win against USF is exactly what the CATS need to get back on track. Unfortunately, with the uncertainty surrounding the UC QB position, this is looking like a tall order. The NeumannKy has faith the CATS can find a way to pull this one off 24-21. Rodgers hits a long field goal late in the game for the win.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turnovers Haunt Bearcats in 40 - 16 Loss to UCONN

This was flat out ugly. How do you lose to the Huskies with two weeks to prepare? UCONN Started 3rd string QB (Red-Shirt Freshman) Cody Endres who took care of the ball and looked pretty good against the Bearcat D. Unfortunately the 'Cats turned the ball over six times, and they allowed Donald Brown to Rush for 150 yards. This one Hurts!!! On a side note, Pitt lost to Rutgers and Louisville upset S. Florida today. Looks like WVU is the team to beat in the B. East! UC can't afford another loss to win the B. East. I hope Kelly gets the boys ready to play S. Florida under the lights at Nippert on ESPN this Thursday.

While we didn't have much to cheer about... we had plenty to eat and drink thanks to the Holy Grail in Clifton.

Video of the Week - A Tailgate Legend!!

While he may not be a Bearcat, you have to respect this...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The NeumannKy Uncovers Culprits Behind Last Nights "Technical Difficulties"!!!

The NeumannKy has spent all day investigating last night's "accident" and has uncovered the SHOCKING truth. This was no accident...it was an act of terrorism. At approximately 10:30 PM on 10-21-08, our beloved website was viciously hacked into by a trio of computer engineering students at none other than the University of Connecticut. Tails of the Ultimate Tailgate Trailer and the Bearcat Tailgate Crew's high level of awesomeness had reached all the way to Storrs, CT. Out of sheer hatred and jealousy, these Huskie loving super geeks got the brite idea to hack into the bearcattailgater mainframe and delete our website. Unfortunately for them, they did not realize that The NeumannKy is a Bearcat loving, beer guzzling, super genius who was able to trace the whole plot back to their virgin sanctuary on the Honors Engineering floor of the UCONN dorms. What wrath will these terrorizing scoundrels incur after such a trecherous deed? Let's just say I don't think these guys will be making the game on Saturday or any other home games for a long long time. How was I able to trace last night's act of terrorism back to these zit popping Huskie humpty dumpty's??? Well, the NeumannKy cannot reveal his methods and is pretty sure they are not interpreted as "legal" in most states....The NeumannKy has to give big props to Scotty O and Drew Mac for staying up all hours of the night last night rebuilding as much of the website as possible. They are tireless champions for our very special cause. We can promise, this will not happen ever again and BearcatTailgater is committed to providing the best game day experience for ALL Bearcats fans via bigger and better tailgates at ALL Bearcats home games as well as fun and exciting watch parties at Holy Grail for each and every away game!!! Join the Bearcat Tailgate Crew this Saturday at 11:30 as UC takes on UCONN and try out the new, official drink of the BTC, the "Bearcat Bomb"!!!

Click here to RSVP for this Saturday's watch party and enter the event code "Bearcats".

Technical Difficulties-Update

We apologize for the technical difficulties you may have experienced when accessing this web-site in the last four hours. Our web-site was accidentally deleted around 10:30 pm and we have worked hard to restore our site ASAP. Unfortunately, all previous posts were lost but we did our best to recreate what we could from memory. We will continue to update our web-site in the next few days. Thanks for your patience and thanks for visiting www.bearcattailgater.com.

Bearcat Tailgater Watch Party at the Holy Grail This Saturday!!

That's Right Bearcats Fans!!! Bearcattailgater.com has teamed up with the Holy Grail Tavern and Grille to host the "Official Bearcat Tailgater Watch Party" for the remaining away games. If you've been to one of our tailgates, you know we know how to have a good time. Even if you haven't, we encourage ALL BEARCATS FANS to join the Bearcat Tailgate Crew this Saturday at 11:30 am for some great eats and icy cold brews as we cheer the Cats on to victory over the Huskies! Tell all your friends, call your mom, call your dad, call your brothers and your sisters because it's going down this Saturday. The Holy Grail is located at 13 W. Charlton Street (off of Jefferson ave.) in Coryville near UC. Beer specials include 22 oz. Bud Lites for $3.50 and the BTC will be unveiling our official game day drink "The Bearcat Bomb"!!! What's in a Bearcat Bomb??? You'll have to show up and have one with the crew to find out!!! We hope to see you there.... Go Cats!

UC vs. Rutgers Pics

CLICK HERE to view the entire photo album for this tailgate

Tailgater Awards Week 3 (Homecoming Edition)

Dance Teamer of the Week

Flip Cupper of the Week (Shanna Barton)

Band Dude of the Week
"Thank you for not arresting me" security guard of the week!
"Tailgate Hard or Go Home" Tailgaters of the Week
Fans of the Week (Big Steve O. & Little B.)

Coach of the Week: Our very own Coach Kelly

UC vs. Miami Pics

CLICK HERE to view the entire photo album for this tailgate

Tailgater Awards Week 2

Our Most Valuable Tailgater (MVT) of the week is Kyle Neumann!! Kyle is pictured with our other weekly award winners below...

Dance Teamer of the Week

Cheerleader of the Week

Band Dude of the Week

Fans of the Week (Lauren & Baby Eva Kluska)

Tailgate Hard or Go Home Weekly Award Winner (Thunder)

Tailgater Awards Week 1

Dance Teamer of the Week

Cheerleader of the Week

Band Dude of the Week

Fan of the Week (Jackie Hummel)

UC vs. EKU Pics

CLICK HERE to view the entire photo album for this tailgate

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We apologize but our site is experiencing technical difficulties.
Please check back soon as we bring everything back online.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Holy Grail on Saturday to watch UC take on UCONN at 12pm.

Ultimate Bearcat Tailgate Trailer

Bearcat Tailgater 2009 Video

Bearcat Tailgater 2008 Video