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Monday, November 3, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!

Bulls No Match for Barwin & the Bearcats!
It's a few days late, but it was a busy weekend for the NeumannKy following the Bearcats Thursday night victory with heading out of town for Halloween, Bearcats Basketball, a Bengals win and a cold to battle. Anyways, lucky for you good things come to those who wait! Without further rambling, here goes:

The Tailgate
The NeumannKy successfully started a rumor (an injury to Chazz Anderson) on Bearcatnews.com Wednesday night which provided for plenty of good chatter at this weeks tailgate. While my info was not 100% accurate, Chazz was indeed out for the game... I thought the tailgate would be a little less crowded this week because of the 7:30, Thursday night game time. I was wrong. The Bearcat Tailgate Crew began setting up as school was letting out and a big crowd soon followed! We went through 2 kegs and enough booze to kill a small country. Bearcat Bombs proved to be a big hit. People that joined our tailgate were given a souvenir BearcatTailgater stadium cup thanks to our new sponsor The Holy Grail. Once again, it was a blast and we look forward to seeing everyone at future events.

The Game
The Good: Boy did the CATS really respond after their embarrassing effort in Storrs. I was extremely concerned after the UCONN and hoped for the best, but feared the worst versus USF. The CATS really stepped up against the Bulls and a beat a pretty decent football team by a good margin. The defense set the tone for this game early as Mike "Ripe for the Pickens" Mickens picked up his 13th career interception setting up the CATS first touchdown of the game. DE Connor Barwin continues to impress us with every facet of his game and fellow DE Lamonte Nelms had a good game as well as they both kept the pressure on Grothe all night. Tony Pike looked great, and I hope that's a sign that he's back to full form. It will be interesting to read the papers as Dustin Grutza regains his game form in practice. It puts the CATS in a much more stable situation at QB in the Big East home stretch than they have been so far this season.

The Bad: The CATS didn't have a ton of success running the ball and controlling the clock down the stretch of this game, despite a good performance from Goebel. USF actually controlled the ball for 1 min longer than the CATS. The CATS turned the ball over 3 times. They cannot continue to put the ball on the ground if they want to win a BE championship.

A Look Ahead
WVU lies ominously on the horizon in just a few short days. The CATS will have to play their best football in Morgantown if they want to win this one. They MUST be able to run the ball and control the clock in order to keep Pat White and the WVU offense off of the field. The CATS cannot afford to turn the ball over 3 times against West Virginia. I'm being biased and calling this one 21-20 in favor of the CATS. Mardy "with the D" has a Big East breakout game.

Soon I will be doing a quick write up on the Basketball team. I like what I saw from the CATS against the "Crazy Cannucks" of Carleton. Until the Bearcats fans, keep rooting on the CATS and always tailgate hard!

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