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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!

Bearcats are Tough as Nails in the 'Ville; Set Up Big East Showdown this Saturday at the Nip!
Bearcats fans, Bearcats fans, Bearcats Fans...ARE YOU READY? The NeumannKy says ARE...YOU...READY??? Before I get ahead of myself thinking about next week, lets recap this weeks game. It wasn't the prettiest win of the season, but the Cards have shown a knack for beating the CATS in recent years and going on the road in conference play is always a challenge. In what can only be described as tropical storm type conditions, the CATS rolled into Louisville and put together a big win...lets walk through day in true Cats Chat style.

The Tailgate
The tailgate crew rolled into the 'Ville around 3 P.M. and there were no Louisville fans to be seen. What does that tell the NeumannKy? It tells me that Cincinnati fans (especially the BTC) know how to freakin' party!! Work??? Not on game days baby! The tailgate was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came and who helped put the word out about our tailgate location. We turned the Boy Scout parking lot into a Cincinnati stronghold. No Cards fans allowed! After 5 hours of tailgating, the crew was good and ready to watch the Bearcats toss around the pigskin.

The Game
After 5 hrs of tailgating, The UC fans didn't even notice the driving rain that was falling for most of the game. The UC crowd was nothing short of amazing. The CATS didn't play their best game of the season, so lets break it down NeumannKy style:

What NeumannKy liked:
1) Dominic Goodman - 9 catches for 134 yds and a huge touchdown catch. He is the best player on the team and the NeumannKy has been saying it all year long.
2) Mardy "With the D" Gilyard - Another very impressive game with an outstanding touchdown catch on the opening drive
3) The UC defense in the second half and especially "Ripe for the Pickin'" Mickens
4) John "White Lightening" Goebel - 10 carries for 77 yards, none bigger than the 37 he picked up in the final scoring drive
5) Dustin Grutza - How about this kid?? He's been out since the Oklahoma game and comes in and runs the offense right down the field (granted he got a couple big plays from his teammates) to score what was the final touchdown putting the CATS up 8.
6) THE FANS - Great turnout and thank you to everyone that came! If you missed the celebration on the way out of the stadium, you missed one of the great moments in UC sports! It sent chills down my spine. To me, it felt like the turning point in UC Football fanhood.

What NeumannKy didn't like:
1) Going for it on 4th and 2 in your own territory in the 1st quarter when you have the lead...Seriously? If they get the first down, it still looks stupid. The only acceptible time to make that call is if you're 13 and playing football on your Xbox.
2) Jake Rogers - WTF? He's had a great season and now missed his last 4 attempts (not even that difficult of attempts). The NeumannKy is inclined to say he's been mind f'd and can't be counted on going forward. I really hope I am proven wrong.
3) 1st half defense - They played soft and gave up a lot of underneath stuff early. They looked much better in the second half and came through when it counted.

All in all, I don't think we've seen the CATS put it all together for an entire game this season and they are 8-2...that's impressive. A win is a win on the road and coming off of such a big win in Morgantown, it was good to see the team was focused.

A Look Ahead
UC vs. Pitt in what is being called THE BIGGEST GAME IN UC FOOTBALL HISTORY. The "River City Rivalry" has been one sided thus far and never has so much been on the line. The NeumannKy doesn't need to tell you guys that the CATS are 2 wins from a BCS berth. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO BE THERE!!!! COME EARLY AND TAILGATE HARD WITH THE CREW, WEAR RED, BE EXTREMELY LOUD. The NeumannKy is expecting a VERY rowdy crowd this weekend and hoping for an atmosphere at the Nip like nobody has ever seen before. DO NOT LET THE TEAM DOWN BY STAYING HOME. THE NEUMANNKY WILL SEE YOU ALL THERE ON SATURDAY!

Word to your Mom.

- NeumannKy

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