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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!

River City Romp of Pitt Puts the Cats ONE...STEP...CLOSER...

Bearcats 2008 "to do" list:
Go to Morgantown, beat the reigning Big East Champ WVU - check
Go to Louisville, bring back the Keg of Nails - check
Beat Pittsburgh and win the River City Rivlary trophy for the first time - check
Win a Big East Championship - COMING SOON!
Play in BCS Bowl game - COMING SOON!

I've said it before and I will say it again...WHAT A GAME! The NeumannKy declares it a romp because, outside of the score, the CATS spanked around the Panthers for pretty much the entire game. After three very emotional weeks, three monkeys have been successfully lifted off of the back of the Bearcats, who are now one step closer to playing on college footballs biggest stage, a B-C-S bowl game! Without further rambling on my part, lets get to the breakdown of the big day:

The Basketball Game (a foreshadow of what to expect from NeumannKy post football season):
Yes, the mens basketball team (The NeumannKy's first love at UC) moved to 3-0, beating Western Nobody...err I mean Illinois by 28, but it should have been at least 40. For the second straight game the CATS slept through the second half. With a team so young, I'd like to see Mick on their butts making them play hard for 40 mins....

The Tailgate
WOW, the word has really gotten out about the Bearcat Tailgate Crew. I almost had to set up an autograph table as The NeumannKy's thousands of fans lined up to meet the legend (in my own mind). Just kidding, there is a whole team of us that help to host the tailgate and we received many nice compliments on Saturday and we appreciate every one of them and look forward to hosting many future tailgates. The Bearcat Tailgate Crew fried up some Turkeys, brought all the fixin's and gave thanks to good friends and a great season from the BEARCATS. We killed nearly 5 kegs and a number of bottles of the booze in a pre-game party that would impress even the brothers of the Delta House (shameless Animal House reference).

The Game
Has anybody ever had an experience like this one at Nippert Stadium??? The weather was chilly and the 35,098 bundled up Bearcats fans were outstanding. The CATS really dominated this game from their first possession on. I usually watch the game on DVR to do my breakdown but forgot to set it up this week, so it's not as in depth as I would like. The game got interesting in the end so lets break it down NeumannKy style...

What NeumannKy Liked:
1) Tony Pike, Mardy "with the D", Dominic Goodman and Bones - This is the most impressive the Bearcats offense has looked all season long. The first possession, a 7 minute, 99 yard drive including an unbelievable 3rd down catch by Bones.
2) D-FENCE - for three and a half quarters of the game at least. 3 sacks by Connor Barwin and a dynamite performance by Brandon Underwood stepping in for an injured Mike Mickens.
3) The Fans and the Students - The NeumannKy believes it's a little premature to be throwing oranges on the field, but I can't blame them for being enthusiastic. We're sailing in uncharted waters and it's great to see how excited the fans and students are about it.

What NeumannKy Didn't Like:
1) Not kicking the field goal in the fourth quarter and calling a RUN play to try to pick up 1st down. We struggled to run the ball all game long and this may show you BKs real level of confidence in Jake Rogers.
2) The disappearing, reappearing running game - it disappeared this week, will it reappear next week? Maybe the human "stam"Pead needs to get some snaps?
3) Playing not to lose - I almost had flashbacks of WVU

A look ahead
We will know Friday afternoon whether or not the Syracuse game is a "must win" for the CATS following the Pitt vs. WVU game. I actually hope WVU pulls it off, creating some suspense for the game on Saturday but my gut tells me that Pitt may win. Syracuse is a bad football team who got lucky last Saturday by beating a mediocre football team. I think the CATS win this one big 42-10 which leads me to the Question of the Week: What bowl game do you think the CATS will play in? Now, the NeumannKy feels the need to remind his fans that the question of the week is not rhetorical. I say this only because nobody has answered one since week one!!!

Until next time CATS fans, have a happy Thanksgiving and we will see everyone at the Syracuse Game!

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