You will find our crew tailgating on The GRID in space #5 of the Alley at least three hours before every home game and we do our best to travel with the team as well. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and support our cause by dropping a few bucks in the donation box to help cover our expenses. All are welcome, drinking reserved for individuals over 21 years of age.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tailgater Two-a-Days

I found this at TailgateLot.com.... Are you ready for this year's Tailgate Season? Kick-off is less than two weeks away. Time for Tailgater Two-a-Days!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!!!

New season! New challenges! New surprises! Same great tailgates!

BearcatTailgater family, friends and super fans alike have been pining, waiting, wondering to themselves "When is The NeumannKy going to splash us with some thoughts about the upcoming Bearcats Football season?". Don't deny you haven't. You've been surfing the usual websites all offseason, reading every article you can lay your eyes on and stalking the message boards like you secretly stalk your ex-girlfriends on facebook. I know you have, you are not alone because that's how The NeumannKy has spent his offseason as well! Will the CATS defend their Big East crown and once again have Bearcats Nation tasting oranges...or maybe some sugar? Only time will tell but right now The NeumannKy is going to bring you his predictions fast and hard, just like you like it.

Thought numero uno - The Bearcats WILL NOT repeat as Big East Champs and claim the BCS bowl bid. I know, I'm basically asking you to stop reading further but hear me out. The 4 game conference road schedule against Rutgers, USF, Pitt and Syracuse is going to catch us off guard. Remember how well we played at Pitt 2 years ago (gag, choke). We've had Rutgers and USF's number since joining the BE...I think this year USF gets one back. I hope I'm wrong.

Rutgers on the road week 1 is a load of BULL SH....terrible scheduling by the BE, sending the returning champ to a trap game on the road in the first week. It will be an interesting matchup pitting an experienced UC offense against an experienced Rutgers defense and vice versa. At the end of the day, I think Rutgers will suck this year and will not be able to score enough points to win this game.

The re-vamped defense will surprise some people...some weeks..and really struggle at times as well. It's a part of the growing pain of learning to play together. BK will have them prepared as possible but they will need time to gel. Hopefully the offense lead by "T-Peezy" and "Gilly my Nilly" will be able to light up the scoreboard and bail out the defense when they struggle much like the defense did for the "O" last year.

If the Bearcats are to finish in the top 2 in the conference they need to establish the run and control the clock. The running game was not productive last year and we all know BK doesn't like to run the ball consistently and is quick to abandon it (Orange Bowl). With a new defense and with the K-Hubs leg now being kicked off down at PBS, BK may need to tone down the techmo bowl type play calling and work on establishing a running game early, to open things up as the game progresses.

Mardy and T-Peezy are going to be as advertised and LIGHT UP opposing defenses. I don't think there's any defense in the league that will be able to cover Mardy and if Tony can stay healthy, they will both increase the heck out of their draft status.

THE TAILGATES WILL BE BETTER THAN EVER! You'll have to show up week 1 to find out but we didn't fall asleep at the wheel this offseason. We've been brainstorming and working harder than ever to find new ways to bring a better game day experience to EVERYONE who joins us to celebrate game days this fall!

The season is SO CLOSE I can taste it...and it tastes good!

If you want to catch my random thoughts as they happen, follow me on Twitter (code name: theneumannky) where I'll be laying down some SWEEEEEEET TWEEEETS about the CATS this fall amongst other Cincy and world topics that I'm sure you won't want to miss!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bearcat Tailgater Countdown

Bearcat Tailgater 2009 Video

Bearcat Tailgater 2008 Video