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Monday, September 21, 2009

Cats Chat with NeumannKy!!!

3-0 Bearcats Punish the Beavers in Corvallis Move Up to #14

In the words of Flava Flav, Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh Boyeeeee! The Bearcats loaded up the wagon and hopped on the trail to Oregon and luckily BK and the boys arrived dysentery free just in time to lay a smack down on the RoBros and the rest of the Oregon State Beavers. What a great win for the Bearcats who are starting to show the nation that the guard has changed in the Big East and THEY are the program to beat, the program with swagger, the program that has opposing teams quivering as they take the field. So, what did we learn about the team this weak?

1) The UC defense is the real deal - This defensive unit plays fast, hits hard and the D-Line may end up being every bit as good as last year's. The scary thing is these guys will only get better as the season goes on. Late in the week we learned of Curtis Young's injury and what happens? Redshirt freshman Walter Stewart comes in and records 2.5 sacks! I originally believed the "next man in" philosophy to be a little on the cheesy side, but boy these guys have bought in.

2) This team can handle adversity - The CATS opened up with a lousy first quarter, so what do they do? Post up 21 in the second quarter to take a 21-8 lead into halftime. TP and company looked to be shaking off a few early cob webs but the defense held Jaquizz Rodgers and the Beavers to two fields goals and the offense found their groove and did what they needed to do to win the game.

3) DJ Woods is a player - Who am I kidding? This whole receiving corps is STACKED and none of them are going anywhere anytime soon except for Mardy (insert Vidal Hazleton next year).

4) TP to Mardy witta D = unstoppable - Word is, Mardy wasn't 100% but managed to still snag 9 balls and find the endzone.

5) BK refuses to run the ball even in short yardage situations - this is my ONLY criticism from this game as I believe they could have put 42 on the board had they played more conservative in short yardage situations and played for the first down rather than continue to go for the home run. They have 2 very capable running backs, they are playing with a lead in a hostile environment and Oregon State did a good job defending the short stuff all day.... On 2nd and 2, Dr. NeumannKy prescribes a quick pitch to The Human StamPEAD...then go for the home run on 1st down!

6) We don't have a punter - We're just going to have to score on every possession.

This Saturday we've got the Fresno State Bulldogs coming to the Nip! They are 1-2 with losses to #10 Boise St. and Wisconsin. This team is not afraid to play anyone and lucky for the CATS they are not afraid to relax on defense. Before Oregon State, I would have been concerned about Fresno's rushing attack but now, I think this one is over by halftime. The NeumannKy predicts Bearcats 45 Fresno St. 17.

Make sure to join the Bearcat Tailgate Crew in the Schiel School lot starting bright and early at 8 a.m. for Kegs & Eggs complete with ice cold hudy pops, mimosas, bloody marys and new and improved Bearcat Bombs! You are not going to want to miss this! And remember - WEAR WHITE!

NeumannKy - OUT


  1. Hey... do you guys have many/any parents of f'ball players at your tailgate??? We are looking for a fun, supportive crowd, pre-game!

  2. Nancy - there are plenty of parents (a lot of them our own) who attend the tailgate - while Im not aware of any specific football families - I can ensure you that it is a good, respectful time. We embrace all Bearcat fans but especially those who like to pre-game party!

  3. NeumannKy - Nice reference to Flava Flav and Oregon Trail in the first two sentences - nice review as always bro. The only point that I disagree on is BK's use of the pass on short down situations. Im sure Im in the minority but hear me out - If TP is throwing successful passes at a 70% rate then thats a 70% chance that we're going to get a first down and AC likes those odds! Of course not all situations call for a pass but you got to keep the D on their heels.

  4. Nancy....I don't believe we have any f'ball parents at our tailgates but you are more than welcome to join us. Actually Dom. Goodman's father joined us for a few of our away tailgates last year. I hope you stop by this week.


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