You will find our crew tailgating on The GRID in space #5 of the Alley at least three hours before every home game and we do our best to travel with the team as well. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and support our cause by dropping a few bucks in the donation box to help cover our expenses. All are welcome, drinking reserved for individuals over 21 years of age.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WARNING: BK2ND Virus Outbreak!

Over the past several days a mysterious virus has been running rampant in the Tri-State area, spreading faster than the legs of a Vegas cocktail waitress when Tiger Woods is in town! Symptoms of the virus include sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and constant urges to check facebook, twitter, rumor blogs and websites for updates on University of Cincinnati Football coach (for now) Brian Kelly's coaching future. Dr. NeumannKy, who specializes in the study of highly infectious diseases, has isolated a single strain who's scientific name is the BK2ND virus or more commonly knows as the Kelly Flu (to South Bend).

No form of modern medicine has been able to cure those who fall victem to the BK2ND virus. Fortunately Dr. NeumannKy prescribes a Xavier Musketeer tour of the Bearcat woodshed administered by your #19 (and rising) Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball team!

Seriously, remember, we were a basketball school before a football school. No reputation or tradition building necessary. I love football and I hope we can continue to perform at such a high level but we are an infant when it comes to NCAA football tradition and our conference is viewed the same way. I would rather lose a great coach during the infant stage of our football program than lose a legendary coach at our tradition rich basketball program due to the ego of a dirty she devil. We have a #3 ranked football team preparing to play in the Sugar Bowl and a top 20 basketball team that's poised to spank the cross town rival this weekend. If we lose BK we will move on and we will continue to have much to root and be thankful for.

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