You will find our crew tailgating on The GRID in space #5 of the Alley at least three hours before every home game and we do our best to travel with the team as well. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself and support our cause by dropping a few bucks in the donation box to help cover our expenses. All are welcome, drinking reserved for individuals over 21 years of age.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Miami FL v UC Tailgate - Thursday

Obviously our boys have had some heart-breaking moments this season and last week was filled with injuries and some adversity that was outside of our control (looking at you replay official). However, UC brings an offense that is #2 in the country in total offensive production and we learned that is Hayden Moore is going to be fun to watch

Miami (FL) brings in a team that is 3-0 but hasn't been really challenged except for a close win against Nebraska.

It would seem we have a perfect prime time match on ESPN with a kick-off at 7:30pm. Let's think positive and recall this instant classic against Rutgers in 2006? 

Our crew will be setup around 3:30pm, we are also going to shake it up this week on the beer selection this week. Look for Braxton Brewing's Storm Golden Cream Ale on tap this week.

Feel free to bring a side, dish or snacks to share with others.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Temple Tailgate at The Grid

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late post - was traveling most of the week.

Our crew will be setup no later than 5pm today on The Grid.

Looking forward to another great showing as this will be one of the best games of the season and set the stage for a potential AAC championship.


Bearcat Tailgater 2009 Video

Bearcat Tailgater 2008 Video